This year, at our Uxbridge Office at 6 Court Street, we mark the 200th Anniversary of the “Robert Taft House”.

If you’re interested in history, you may want to check out the Mass Historic Register excerpt here.

It has quite an interesting history. Check out this from The Blackstone Daily:

The Robert Taft House at 6 Court Street, was built in 1820 and was the home of Robert Taft, who ran the dry goods store at Capron building and leased the Woolen Mill to manufacturer woolen goods during the Civil War. Taft was born in Hecla Village and was joined by his brother Jacob in his business ventures. Robert’s son Arthur resided in the home. He became Selectman in the 1890s and Uxbridge’s representative to the General Court in 1898. He was involved with banking as a director of the Blackstone National Bank and vice-president of the Uxbridge Savings Bank (Now UniBank). He was also involved with real estate and was president of the Uxbridge and Northbridge Electric Company.

Effingham Capron, a noted industrialist and abolitionist, also lived in the property and it was used as a stop on the Underground Railroad, with runaway slaves passing through northeast Connecticut on their way to Worcester.

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